Back to blogging.

Hey y’all!

I’m trying to get back to writing stuff again. Though I am not sure on what to write about. Well, basically I bought myself a new keyboard dock for my tablet -impulse buying, insert multiple gunshot here– for the purpose of writing/giving my tab a laptop feel. I kinda want to give writing a go, though I still dunno what to write about. (my significant other kinda inspired me to get back in to blogging) Maybe, I need to sort out my shit together first?




How our exhibit booth looks like

A Visu-centric Living Room

Guided by the belief that the function of the space always comes first when designing, the team underwent thorough research just to be able to carefully design a living room space that would be not only convenient for those who hear but those who are deaf as well. By teaming up with different educational institutions for the deaf and interviewing three deaf people, the team achieved a more reliable basis for their design. Continue reading

Sample Typography

I just recently got into ‘typography’ and started taking online lessons to improve, but for now this is the best thing that I could do. Feel free to comment on my work and if you guys are interested in linking me to sites with cool typography tutorials please do so. Thanks 😀 Continue reading


I’m not a fan of watercolor, but I gave it a try.

A few days ago, I was bored and had nothing to do so I decided to draw something. Upon finishing my pencil drawing, I realized that I lent most of my coloring stuff to a friend of mine –with an exception to my “Prang” watercolor set. Continue reading